This is a 4 module course designed to help you MOVE, GROW & SHIFT in a variety of ways. The impact you will feel during this course will propel you into action steps for your movement practice, mindset and business goals.

This course originally ran in LIVESTREAM format over 4 weeks with a contained group who were on the "tour bus" with Lesley Logan and Erika Quest.

This work is entirely too valuable to not share in a "go at your own pace" version, and as such, this is what you'll find inside this course.

While this is designed for you to "fit in" as you can to your schedule, we highly recommend that you stay the course and schedule time each week to handle one of the four Ds in the programming.

Each module is designed to dovetail and add a new layer to your journey, so staying present and consistent is by far the best approach.

PLUG EACH SESSION INTO YOUR CALENDAR. Make time and space to DO THIS WORK, as it will lead to incredible insight and action steps for your lifework!

Enjoy and with gratitude,

Erika and Lesley

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