Training the athlete in 3-Dimensions becomes critical not only to their sport but helping with injury prevention, performance and supporting their varied training approach with other coaches. Join Pilates pioneer, teacher trainer & mentor Troy McCarty who trains the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as elite level Ballet dancers! He’ll give real time creative ideas and flows using a reformer and a mat to uplevel your thinking when looking at “the athlete” and what their specific needs may be. Walk away with curious ways to FUNctionally infuse you and your clients Pilates practice, whether they are an elite or recreational athlete….or just up for some enjoyable shifts in their training. These 90-minutes with Troy will inspire with fresh ideas and knowledge to last for many moons to come.

What You Get Inside:

  • Supplementary materials and session handout for tracking along with video.
  • Full recording to the LIVE session and over 90 minutes of Athletic Reformer + Mat Flows with Troy.
  • Indefinite access inside this course ticket! Come back anytime to review.


  1. Athletic Reformer session handout: Troy uses this as a reference once the reformer portion of the session begins and he does not follow this exactly due to time limits and the fact that this is 18 pages.
  2. Troy begins with the traditional mat work which is NOT included in the handout, but you will get the exponential benefit of his cueing, coaching, and lineage history through this video.
  3. Huge amount of content and awesome coaching to his model Ben during this with EXTRA 20+ minutes of exercises and instruction. 

A Quick Clip Of Athletic Reformer & Mat Flows With Troy!

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  Athletic Reformer & Mat Flows
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