Working WITH Hypermobility - A Map For Function, Strength and Life!

Hypermobility is so much more than “increased flexibility”! It is actually a connective tissue disorder and can manifest in many ways, including chronic pain, increased range of motion in the joints, dizziness, prolapse and anxiety. In this important workshop, physical therapist and Pilates Teacher Jessica Valant will discuss the details around hypermobility, including how it may present in your clients, the importance of strength training and certain movements you may want to avoid. You will come away with strategies and actionable tips in the Pilates-based environment in order to help keep your hyper mobile clients feeling and living pain-free and functional!

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  Working With Hypermobility
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Jessica Valant

Jessica graduated from Regis University in Denver with her Master’s Degree in Physical

Therapy in 2000. She received her Pilates training in 2001 through Polestar Pilates and is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and regular contributor to the Pilates and physical therapy industries.

She has worked with thousands of clients of different backgrounds, ages, injuries and abilities. Her goal is for people to ultimately feel safe in their bodies and to believe in the power and joy that movement can bring.

Jessica is recognized as a leader in the Pilates and online health industry. She has a successful YouTube channel, membership site and social media platform. She has been named a Creator on the Rise by YouTube and has been featured in The New York Times, Pilates Style Magazine (including as a cover model in 2020), Shape, Buzzfeed, Yoga Journal and Thrillest. She teaches popular workshops and courses to other health care professionals and Pilates instructors and is considered an expert in the women’s health arena.

Jessica and her husband, Brian, founded Momentum Fest, a three day Pilates and movement festival, in 2017 in order to create an inclusive, loving and fun place for all people to celebrate movement together.

She is married to her best friend and their days are spent in Denver wrangling two young kids, being in the sun, living their passion through work and drinking coffee.