Image is everything! No, not the superficial image. We’re talking about the image cues you create for your client. That image is everything! In this Classtermind, we’ll discuss the value of using visual coaching and cueing. Pictures say a thousand words and in this mini-workshop, we’ll work through how to create truly iconic images that last with your clients through each session and their lives! When we create an astounding image that hits the nail on the head (great image, right?), then we can deeply affect our clients' connections and movements! 

Join biomechanist and legendary Pilates pioneer Shari Berkowitz as she shares some of her best visualizations from her years of experience as an instructor. Anyone who has trained with her knows all about her “tuna cans” as they relate to the joints of the spine. Come get ideas and images to share with your clients, classes, and even yourself. 

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  • Supplementary materials and session handout for tracking along with video.
  • Full recording to the LIVE session and over 90 minutes Iconic Imagery with Shari
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