I'm so glad you're here. This is a 1 hour incredibly creative PRO MVMT masterclass which was originally shot in LIVESTREAM format from our PRO MVMT sessions. You may have missed it live, but this is a HD quality video and full class plan to give you all of the juicy details and an hour of creative combinations and total body barre workout with Portia Page. Get a sneak peak at what's inside below. Then, grab your class and have SO much fun!

What MVMT PROs are saying:

"That was a great class! Talk about content! I’ve been teaching barre for years and got some great ideas and inspiration today!" - Suzette C.

Pilates Barre 360º Short Clip with Portia!

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Hey there, I'm Portia!

I'm your instructor for this creative Barre Masterclass and workout!

Can't wait to see you at the barre and workout, move and give you some fresh ideas for your barre classes! Check out the Juicy Details for all of the information and let's go for it!