We’ve all had clients (or even ourselves) who’ve encountered back pain, surgery, and even a possible spinal fusion! How do we work with these scenarios, modify them appropriately, but still build strength and mobility in the Pilates world? Join us as Zayna Gold tells her story about HER spinal fusion in 2020 and how she has created and adapted her teaching and techniques to herself and relevant clients. Zayna is also an incredible educator for Balanced Body teaching the full spectrum of Pilates education. In this dynamic mini-workshop, she’ll share her knowledge, experience, and ways to still provide a vibrant program and session using a reformer with some small props. You’ll even feel confident teaching these strategies in a group class format. Walk away with loads of FUNctional strategies to plug and play into your studio(s) and moving environments immediately! Plus, bring your questions as we’ll save a little time for Q&A!

What You Get:

  • Supplementary materials and session handout for tracking along with video.
  • Full recording to the LIVE session (once complete) and 90 minutes of content with Zayna.
  • Indefinite access inside this course ticket! Come back anytime to review.

"Your insights into the challenges of spinal fusion really helped me understand my client so much better. She's already got the strengthening down, but needs Pilates to keep reinforcing the right directional moves." - Attendee Testimonial

A quick clip from Reformer For Spinal Fusion with Zayna!

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Zayna Gold

Balanced Body Educator | Mentor

Zayna Gold is the Founder/Co-Owner of Boston Body Pilates and Boston Body Barre - with six locations in the Greater Boston area. Since 1989, Boston Body Pilates has been known for its friendly and inclusive community. Great instructors are the key to Boston Body's success. Zayna's Mentoring Programs teach all levels of Instructors to elevate their training careers to the next level. Her Master Instructor Certification Program gives Comprehensively Certified Instructors the path to success. Applications are now being accepted for 2023/2024. 

Zayna is Faculty for Balanced Body Education, Anatomy in 3D and the Creator of Balanced Body Barre. She is also certified by Stott Pilates and Power Pilates.

Zayna has her own virtual studio, Pilates to Go, great for at home workouts and mentoring. She is the Founder and Host of “It’s a Pilates Party;” #healingwithpilates and #pilatesismagic. She is a visiting instructor on Pilates Anytime. Zayna, with Boston Body Pilates, has been an Authorized Training Center for Balanced Body Education since 2008. Zayna was awarded Next Pilates Anytime Instructor in 2011 and has appeared in various local and national magazines including Pilates Style.