Hi there! I'm so glad you're here. Whether you are a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Active Ager or movement practitioner of some kind, you are DEFINITELY working with the BOOMING population of BOOMERS. This is my passion and I have devoted years to learning, helping and sharing ways to keep our Active Agers living wonderful independent and healthy lives.

With the Baby Boomer Generation, well BOOMING, these are your most valuable clients. They have the time to dedicate, the value for their health and the money to invest in YOU as their trainer to stay living independently and performing high level and healthy activities of daily life for years to come.

In this course, you’ll learn research backed strategies which support my 4B Categorization System of training the Active Ager. Whether you’re a personal trainer, group fitness instructor or Pilates teacher you’ll benefit from learning the 5 types of aging, common considerations, simple intake and assessment tactics supported by TONS of programming content to use immediately in your moving environment.

Here's how it's set up for the first module!

Module #1

Video is in full so you can easily watch from start to finish.

Each lecture is segmented for you to have downloadable resources to take away and the approximate time stamp inside the video is included for reference.

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